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Where has Jesus met you?

Jesus meets us wherever we need Him to – there is no such thing as too far gone.

Below is an ongoing list of stories. Of real life, raw, broken and mended stories of how Jesus meets us in the moments we most need Him. Whether the story is through salvation or sanctification, we can learn from one another and be reminded that we are never alone.


Whitney Friesen

“Jesus met me in my darkest hours. In short: I’d planned to be a teacher my whole life and l spent a lot of years preparing for it. I’d known Jesus since I was young, but I never really experienced true relationship with Him until I got the teaching job I wanted and then I lost it that same year. Meeting him in the midst of that loss prepared me for the next great loss in my life when my mom suddenly and unexpectedly passed away. The only way I can explain peace in the midst of a life being turned upside down in grief is through Jesus.”


Sybil Kolbert

“Jesus met me in the middle of doubt and depression. When I wasn’t sure that prayer mattered or made a difference, he led me to people and practices that showed me otherwise. Once I began to hear his voice, I could do nothing but respond with obedience. Start a blog? Yes. Write a Bible study? Yes. Serve the vulnerable? Yes. Minister to women leaders? Yes.”


Grayson Nickolaison

“Last July was a time of growth, discovery, love and devotion. Devotion to a God I so badly wanted to know all my life, but didn’t have the courage to follow until then. Everyone has a story to tell and that story is worth hearing. Mine begins with a shy girl who’s only ambition was to be noticed. For one person to notice me. To this day I fight that same battle of worthlessness and finding value in things that don’t deserve my time. However, I’ve come to realize something quite remarkable: until last year I did not know Jesus, but He knew me. He has known me my whole life and has treasured me since the day I took my first breath. I have always been noticed by the one person most important and man does that change things. My life isn’t grand or perfect now that I know him, but it is beautiful. It’s beautiful because He carefully designed my life to mirror who He created me to be. My story was leading up to this, and that is where He met me.”


Jessica Huber

“Jesus met me in my hunger to be known and loved. Relationship after relationship with friends and family left me with this distorted concept of being known and loved. I thought I had to earn God’s favor. I thought I had to be successful, funny, beautiful, intelligent–just to be loved. But Jesus, in his grace and gentleness and understanding, met me in a tiny chapel in the middle of the woods to sing into my heart “You are loved. You are worthy. You are known. Because you are mine.”


Kristen Ekiss

“I grew up in a divorced family. My dad left when I was 10. This event left me constantly striving for attention, perfection, and approval from others. When i was 19, I joined the Navy. I spent 4 years on active duty stationed on the east coast. After those 4 years, I transitioned to the reserves and moved back home to pursue college. I was living the best life; single, riding motorcycles, getting attention from men, living on my own, & perfecting my body everyday in the gym. Then I got the call. I was getting deployed to the middle east. And, that’s where Jesus met me. In the middle of the desert, in a makeshift chapel, inside of a tent. My mission has never been the same since.”


Allie Messmore

“Everything was set. Our doctor was fully prepared, and everyone was standing at the ready. It was the day of my second C-section – the day we were going to meet our baby girl. Everything had gone so well during the pregnancy. We had an excited big brother waiting at home, and my husband and I were smiling excitedly at one another. She was coming. The long wait was finally almost over. We could feel the wonder and thrill in the room as our doctor moved skillfully, doing what he knew to do so well. We felt this perfect kind of peace settle in.

The moment was coming. We heard our doctor ask us, “Are you ready to meet your baby girl?” We happily nodded, longing to finally get to see her. I felt the unmistakable and strange release of pressure, and then – our little girl’s cry. Is there a sweeter sound? Our eyes filled with tears, rejoicing over her and longing to hold her. But then the feeling in the room changed a bit. The staff got quiet as they cleaned our girl up. We felt it. We looked to our anesthesiologist – a guy we’ll never forget – and asked him, “How is she?” He looked at us with full and total conviction, saying the words that set the pace for everything that followed: “She’s perfect.”

How right he was.

After a few moments, a nurse came over to us to give us some unexpected news. Our little girl was born without the lower half of her left arm. It wasn’t caught in the sonogram. Our doctor chimed in, so apologetic, saying that it was his job to prepare us for everything that he could. They assured us that they would take an x-ray and run a few tests so that we could know exactly what we were working with. This was one of those timeline moments that you look back on. What will happen when you hear these words, out of the blue, on the first day you meet your new baby girl?

And then, Jesus met us. In that moment, in the chaos of the operating room, in the news that we didn’t know was coming, we felt such abounding joy and peace. We looked to one another and we felt so clearly that God had prepared us in every way to welcome this little girl into our family. We weren’t faced with grief in that moment, but perfect joy. Peace that passes all understanding.
It was such a holy moment getting to snuggle our swaddled up little girl for the first time. We watched her every movement, admiring her every coo, and were overwhelmed at God’s work. Our anesthesiologist could not have been more right. She was designed so beautifully, made so intricately, and known so perfectly by her Creator. We didn’t see lack. We saw the unmistakable stamp of beauty in God’s design.

And we still see it every day.”


Quina Aragon

“Jesus met me when I had a lot and showed me my spiritual poverty.” – watch her story here!


Leah Grey

“Jesus met me in the midst of a very big city, very lost, very scared, very alone.” – watch her story here!


Jillian Green

“Jesus met me as a regular high school student, unsure of who I was.” – watch her story here!




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